We design and Install Native Plant Communities for Residential, Commercial, and Public Spaces


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The possibilities for the use of native plant communities in residential landscapes are many. Through the use of turf grasses with native plant communities, we design and install landscapes that are dramatic, yet low maintenance, lush without looking unkempt. See our design philosophy section of this website.


More and more, businesses are recognizing the value of native plant communities. Decreased maintenance, increased beauty and habitat add up to one word-- sustainability. The above landscape was seeded into sand and gravel. We did not water then, nor is it watered now. That's what we mean by sustainability!

Public Spaces

Municipalities, townships, and counties are increasingly promoting the use of more natural looking landscapes. Boulevards, alleys, roadsides--any spaces with soil provide opportunities for installing landscapes that retain water, stabilize the soil, and provide habitat for pollinators, as well as increase human enjoyment.